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Sending Organizations

Sending Organizations

Passion Church is a church plant of the Western Conference of the Evangelical Church, and the daughter church of Faith Evanglical Church in Billings, MT. The prayers, finances, wisdom and encouragement of the leadership and membership of the churches of the Western Conference, Faith E and many others are the underlying reason why Passion is happening in Boise.

Our Denomination

evangelical churchIt is an exciting time in our denomination, particularly regarding Passion. Our denomination extends over several states and countries, but before now, one state glaringly missing in the church directory was the Gem State, with its 1.6 million residents. That is why we couldn't be happier to begin a multiplying movement of Evangelical Church ministries in the Boise Metro area.

The Evangelical Church exists to see transformed people mobilized on the mission of Christ. And the Western Conference is passionate about developing healthy, life-giving, prevailing, multiplying pastors and churches.

WEST CONFPassion Church is so excited to continue the tradition of this wonderful family of churches, carrying the heart of our denomination and conference into the Boise metro and beyond.

If you are in another city and would like to find an Evangelical Church ministry near you, please visit our denominational church finder here.


Our Mother Church

faith e

Faith Evangelical Church is the mother church of Passion. Located in Billings, MT, with a heart and track record for seeing new churches come to life, Faith E exists “to lead people to make an extraordinary impact with Jesus.” Faith E has graciously come alongside Keith and Passion Church to provide prayer, people and resources to ensure Passion is successfully planted and develops into another healthy, life-giving, prevailing, multiplying church of the Western Conference. Led by Pastor Steve Strutz and an amazing team of pastors, staff & leaders, Faith E’s leadership and membership are the strong shoulders that Passion will lean on as we seek to come to life in Southeast Boise.