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Save Your Seat!

Save Your Seat!

Thanks for visiting our campaign page!  Below you will find a special, strategic opprotunity for you to partner with us to reach the Treasure Valley and beyond as we move into our new facility!  Your sponorship of each chair in our new home finances places, spaces, chairs & prayers for every person God will reach & revive through the ministry of Passion Church.

What's it all about?Outlet Mall silo pic

Our "Save Your Seat" Campaign consists of a $250 tax-deductible donation toward the development our new home at the Boise Factory Outlets in which countless people will sit during both weekends and mid-week events and activities.  We have 300 chairs in our new facility and our goal is to have a personal sponsor for each one!

Now, everyone knows chairs, all by themselves, don't cost $250 each!  And praise the LORD for that one, or else lots of people would be sitting in their own chairs on a Sunday!  :)

So, that begs the question, what DOES the $250 sponsor?  We're glad you asked because the answer is..."a LOT"!

Each sponsorship will be used towards the following:

  1. The cost of purchasing chairs in our worship center.
  2. A personalized prayer/Bible verse which you, your family, your group or your church will provide which will be engraved and placed permanently on the chair.  This is your prayerful hope for each person who will ever sit in this seat.
  3. Funding for the development of our facility towards occupancy.
  4. Resources for each of the spaces within our facility where men, women, boys & girls will, for years to come, hear of the love and grace offered to them through the Gospel of Christ.

Murry BaptismPlease prayerfully consider supporting us in this way as we prepare the new home of Passion Church.  This is a great opportunity to play a very personalized role in making our ministry happen at the Boise Factory Outlets!

Our dream is to see Christ touch the lives of every single person who calls Boise and the Treasure Valley their home as we partner with other Kingdom-minded churches in Boise and beyond!




Who can contribute?

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Life Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Affinity Groups
  • Churches
  • All your friends on Social Media(use the links below to share).
  • Anyone else we didn't mention!  :)

 How do I contribute?

Follow the link below and complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the personal information so we know who to thank!
  2. When prompted, please type in the exact prayer and/or Bible verse you would like engraved and placed on the back of your chair, including any names of people, groups or organizations you would like noted.
  3. Contribute $250 which sponsors not just the chair, but the prayers, places & spaces of our new facility!
  4. Please fill out a separate registration for each chair sponsored.
  5. If you are able, schedule a time to visit our new home and lay hands on the chair you have sponsored to commission it's use.
  6. Share the opportunity on your social media using the links below!


If Passion Church or another church is your home, please only make donations which are above and beyond your prayerful giving to your local church.

Thank you for playing such a specific and critical role in the building of our church and the reaching of Boise and beyond with the love of Christ!  If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at 

Did we mention you can use the links below to share this opportunity across your social networks?!!

We love you!