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Our Mission

Our Mission

A Mission Statement describes the desired future reality a person, organization or church seeks to achieve. For a Christian church, we already have a Mission Statement given to us by Jesus in verses of the Bible such as Matthew 28:19-20. Our Mission Statement at Passion is simply a restatement of His Mission Statement. This is why we exist, this is what we hope to acccomplish, this is what keeps us up at night, this is how we know we are winning!

Reaching & Reviving Furthest Hearts into Passionate Followers of Christ


First, we exist to see those people farthest from Christ, and everyone in between, REACHED with His love, grace and forgiveness. Then, once they are His, we exist to REVIVE their hearts from devotion to the passions of this world, to those of the world to come.

As Passion comes to life we will accomplish this mission not only through our weekend services and age-specific programming, but through an intentional, passionate focus at all levels on REVIVE, our discipleship pathway. Our job isn’t finished until each of us and all of us attain the unity and fullness offered to us in Christ.


This is active. This is our job, to reach out with the light of the Gospel into the darkness of the world. We aren’t waiting for people to come to us. We are going to them. (2 Cor 4:4; Matthew 5:13-16).


Once people receive Christ, it becomes our responsibility to equip them to play the Kingdom role they for which they were designed, to lead them deeper into a relationship with Christ where their hearts and minds are renewed, their faith is established, and they are empowered for maximum impact.(Eph 4:12; 1 Cor 12:12-31; 1 Peter 4:10)

Furthest Hearts

These are the people who NO ONE would ever vote, “Most Likely to Follow Jesus”. Whether it’s the down and out, the disillusioned affluent, or the heartbroken and abandoned, that’s how far the love and grace and forgiveness of Christ extends, to the very farthest. This is a prayerful, purposeful, continual engagement of those people in our lives who, most likely, are the most inconvenient and uncomfortable to our own schedules.(1 Tim 1:15; Eph 2:13; Luke 15:1-32).

Passionate Followers

Christ calls us to "Come, Follow" Him with all of our hearts, forsaking this world in order to gain the one to come.  Passion Church exists to help each person discover how this command applies in their life, to remove anything standing in our way of becoming this, and to walk along together as a family, following the voice of our God into eternity!.(Matthew 4:19-20, 13:44, Phil 3:7-16)